Graduation 2017, Novi Sad

don't wish for it, work for it.

I’m 24 years old based in Novi Sad, Serbia. My passion for design started when I was kid and first encounter the powerful capability of Photoshop. I started my professional career when I was 17 and since then I work for clients from all over the world on many different projects. I believe that design is one of the most important things of every product because people are naturally attracted to things that are eye-appealing and beautiful to look at.

With design usually comes photography and that's what I do mostly in free time. Photos that I've taken recently can be found here.

My other passion is Software Engineering and I’m currently enrolled as a master student at Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad where I study Computing and Control Engineering. I previously completed Bachelor degree with average grade of 9.22 (out of 10). I have strong passion to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Beside these things I love playing guitar, going to gym and grab some beer over the weekend. Last two are contradictory but there must be some balance in the universe.